A Wild and Simple Life is a collection of moments, unique perspectives and lived experiences around the slow, the simple and the wild. Like gazing through a window, it is an up-close and personal encounter of connection with the natural world and the urgent need to disconnect from the tech driven one we all live in. It is listening to the ancestral calls and wildness locked deep within. It is freedom, simplicity, re-wilding, community and connection, sent from my tiny 16ft Vintage Millard Caravan straight to your inbox.

"let us live slow and simple lives inspired by the wild ones in the woods, forest, ocean, mountains and deserts, for they are our teachers, and through them we find our souls."

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About Me

Hello there! It is wonderful to meet you.

I’m Julie Ann, a writer of stories inspired by wildness and freedom. I find joy in the crisp chill of cold weather, the misty haze of early mornings, and curling up with a good book while sipping on a warm cup of cacao. I am happiest barefoot walking through the forest or frolicking in the waves and streams. I am most happiest spending time in the garden, growing, connecting, nurturing and foraging.

I turn to essential oils, herbs and natural remedies first. I love to sing. I embrace simplicity. I love my life filled with freedom, roads less traveled, and great stories from the beautiful people I meet on my journey.

I live a nomadic lifestyle and a self renovated 16ft 1975 Millard Caravan is the place my little family and I call home. Along with my partner, our son, and Dog Marley, I venture the vast landscapes of Australia in hope of better connecting to the land and to nature. This wild and simple life I choose inspires my writing, letters, books & creations.

I’d love to meet you and learn a little more about your story and what brings you to this place of wild and simple living. I reply to all emails :)

With Love

Julie Ann xxx

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A collection of wild and simple moments, personal stories and unique perspectives that would otherwise go unwritten. Get cozy and be inspired by the magic found in living a Wild and Simple Life.


Julie Ann

Writer of Stories and seeker of wildness and freedom. This wild and simple life I choose inspires my writing, letters, books & creations.